Inaugural Cohort


Space One Eleven

Art in the Making

Birmingham, Alabama

Space One Eleven (SOE) was founded in 1986 and incorporated as a non-profit arts organization in 1989. SOE’s mission is to provide professional opportunities for visual artists, to create a forum for public understanding of contemporary art, and to offer free art education to area youth, thereby contributing to the cultural capital of Birmingham and the entire southeast. It is SOE’s belief that strong cross-cultural, community-based arts programs create a forum for exchange between artists and the public.

Space One Eleven is committed to providing a program that challenges participants with achievable goals, through the use of excellent teaching artists who are experienced in curriculum and skill development. Program content and curriculum will encompass the instruction of fine arts foundation skills (i.e. elements and principles of art, color theory) and will incorporate SOE’s concept to completion model in which participants conceive of their idea, make the work, write or talk about the work, reflect and exhibit the work.

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