Inaugural Cohort


School One

Working Stories

Providence, Rhode Island

School One is a small, independent high school in Providence serving students from across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Founded in 1973, School One’s core values include a creative, personalized curriculum; a strong sense of community; an inclusive environment for at risk students; and student self-expression. School One’s mission statement reads: “At School One, we teach students to think, write, analyze and create. As a community, we treat each other with care and respect. We appreciate each other’s differences as people and as learners.”

School One will create a community arts project bringing together participants from different age groups to creatively explore life and work experiences. Through intense collaborative instruction in storytelling, School One will create a safe and welcoming environment for these intergenerational groups to learn from professional teaching artists.

For more information, visit School One‘s website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram